Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Trayless, Medford!

Having been an undergrad at Tufts before I came across the river to study at the Friedman School, I am still in the habit of reading the headlines of the Tufts Daily from time to time (I also like elephants and brown and blue). At the end of last semester we at SFT were psyched to see that a group of ambitious and sustainability-minded undergraduates has been hard at work advocating for a "Trayless Initiative" for Medford dining halls. You can read the full story here. Notice that the comments section (despite tending toward the inane, as so many anonymous comments do) evidences a high level of support among students!

I spoke recently with Sophomore Alex Freedman, who got involved in the initiative as part of the Experimental College class "Environmental Action: Shifting from Saying to Doing." He reported that they had a great meeting with Patti Klos, Director of Dining and Business Services, and they are hopeful that a month-long trial period will be initiated sometime this semester.

Let's aim for more good, clean, fair food and food service on the Medford and Boston campuses in 2010! Stay tuned as we work with Corporate Chefs, our new food service contractor, to bring local, organic, and tasty food to the Friedman School...