Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fresh Pasta Night!

We were all inspired to speak Italian last Thursday night while making homemade sun dried tomato pasta, spinach linguine, mushroom sage pasta and just plain old spaghetti. Okay, so maybe the Italian part is an exaggeration, but to say the food was out of this world is right on! A group of Friedman students and friends got together to learn how absurdly easy it is to make your own pasta. It's just egg and flour, people!

We used a food processor to bring the dough together,
and to get creative we added finely diced sun dried tomatos, fresh spinach (you have to add a lot more flour if you do this.), fresh mushrooms and dried sage and ros
emary. We used a Kitchen Aid pasta making attachment to flatten the pasta, but for the batches with sun dried tomatoes in them we opted to lay the flat sheets out and cut them with a pizza cutter. This particular kind would have jammed the pasta making attachment, and the thick strips we made turned into beautiful, thick strips of artisan-looking pasta. I guess it was in fact artisan...a la Friedman. Dinner was divine... a little carb heavy perhaps, but wonderful. It was an ideal way to kick off Spring Break.

A wonderful evening was had by all!