Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Film Series: Bullshit

Please join Slow Food Tufts and Slow Food Boston for a film and panel discussion addressing the truly thorny issues facing agriculture around the world: the rise of globalisation, seed patenting, genetic engineering, bio-piracy, and the loss of indigenous knowledge.

3rd Annual Film Series - Bullshit 
Sunday, 03/14/2010 3:30PM (tickets $5)
Location: Posner Hall, 200 Harrison Ave

Bullshit is a documentary film from Pea Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian about Vandana Shiva, who TIME Magazine calls "...a hero of our times, an icon for youngsters all over the world."

Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist, as well as an organic farmer who doesn't hesitate to travel far & wide in order to argue the plights of the Indian farmers. The film follows her as she does battle with one of her toughest opponents, Monsanto, when they try to patent an ancient Indian strain of wheat.

The issues facing the Indian farmers are facing the farmers in our own country as well, as we have seen in films like Fresh or Food, Inc. We use our post-film panel to bring these issues home; we'll be joined by local foods advocate Jamey Lionette, Tufts professor Dr. Sheldon KrimskyChristie Higginbottom, garden historian at Old Sturbridge Village and heirloom produce advocate and FarmAid associate director Glenda Yoder.

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